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Copper Price

In general, the cost of material for cables and wires is based on a copper price of 150.00 EUR/100 kg. At the time of invoicing, the difference between the general cost and the daily rate is calculated as copper surcharge.

The formula for calculating the copper surcharge is:

Copper surcharge EUR/km = copper index (kg/km) x (DEL - copper basis) / 100


DEL (German Electrolytic High-Conductivity Copper) is the German stock exchange rate for 99.5% pure copper and can be found in EUR/100 kg in the business section of any newspaper.

Example: DEL rate = 194.29 EUR
The price for 100 kg copper is 194.29 EUR 

Copper Basis

The prices stated in our general catalog include a certain copper percentage for almost all cables.

Copper basis = 150.00 EUR/100 kg

Copper Index

The copper index is indicated in our general catalog. It is the weight of copper in a cable.

Jacket color/code 636 3 x 0.75 mm²
Copper index 23.8 kg/km

Calculation example for 636 3 x 0.75 mm²
DEL 194.29 EUR/100 kg (assumed value)
Copper basis = 150.00 EUR/100 kg
Copper index 23.8 kg/km
Copper surchage = 23.8 x (194.29 - 150) / 100
= 10,54 EUR/km

The net price including copper is calculated with:

Gross price
Individual discount
Copper surcharge


In our invoices, the copper surcharge is shown separately.

* plus VAT, plus shipping