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Copper Surcharge

In general, the cost of material for cables and wires is based on a copper price of 150.00 EUR/100 kg. At the time of ordering, the difference between the general cost and the daily rate is calculated as copper surcharge.

Our daily quote is based on the previous day value of Südkupfer (SK-Copper Basis UB).

The formula for calculating the copper surcharge is:

Copper surcharge EUR = copper index (100kg) x (SK-Copper Basis UB/10 - copper basis 150,00€/100kg)

Copper Basis

The prices stated in our general catalog include a certain copper percentage for almost all cables.

Copper basis = 150.00 EUR/100 kg

Copper Index

The copper index is indicated in our general catalog. It is the weight of copper in a cable.

Jacket color/code 636 3 x 0.75 mm²
Copper index 23.8 kg/km

Calculation example for 636 3 x 0.75 mm²
SK-Copper 194.29 EUR/100 kg (assumed value)
Copper basis = 150.00 EUR/100 kg
Copper index 23.8 kg/km
Copper surchage = 23.8 x (194.29 - 150) / 100  
= 10,54 EUR/km

The net price including copper is calculated with:

Gross price
Individual discount
Copper surcharge


In our invoices, the copper surcharge is shown separately.

* plus VAT, plus shipping