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Cost effective decentralization - modular, compact and robust

Cube67 stands for balanced and economic solutions. The innovative fieldbus system from Murrelektronik features simplified yet modern decentralized installations from the ground up.

The I/O level is where it's needed

Right in the machine and close to the sensors and actuators - not occupying one large area or being concentrated in the control cabinet.

Reduced dimensions ensure compact and space-saving machine design.

LEDs close to each sensor/actuator. Easily expandable. Shortest sensor and actuator cabling. Reduces cable costs. Saves space in the machine or the control cabinet. Switching matrices is no longer needed.

Make a bus change instead of system change - now change only the bus coupler.

This makes the machine installation independent of the controls and the fieldbus. That means that the application can be adapted to the end user's PLC specifications without having to modify the I/O periphery. The benefits of an efficient installation with Cube67 are maintained.

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