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Art.No.: 56507
Weight: 0.45 kg
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Housing fully potted.
Bus technologies
General data
Mounting method 2-hole screw mounting
Temperature range 0...+55 °C (storage temperature -20...+75 °C)
Protection IP67
Dimensions H×W×D 151×50×50.3 mm
Module supply
Operating voltage 24 V DC (EN 61131-2)
Current consumption max. 70 mA
Cube system
Module capacity max. 16
Fieldbus DN 125 kbit/s; 250 kbit/s; 500 kbit/s; M12, A-coded
Sensor-system/actuator supply 7/8", 5-pole, max. 9 A
Internal system connection M12, 6 pole; max. 4 A
Communication status via LED and BUS
Diagnostic via LED per module and channel
Diagnostic via BUS per module and channel
Monitoring - under voltage yes
Monitoring - no voltage yes
Short-circuit and overload yes
Commercial data
country of origin DE
customs tariff number 85389099
EAN 4048879048682
eClass 27242608
Packaging unit 1.000
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Data Regarding Article:
  • Download Data Sheet
  • Download Approval: UL Listed CA 56507_E201820_NRAQ7_ULC_Z_A.PDF
  • Download Approval: UL Listed US 56507_E201820-NRAQ_UL_Z_B.PDF
  • Download Certificate: DeviceNet  56507_10464-DOC-102806-OCT06-ODVA_DN_Z_A.PDF
  • Download Configuration Files: EDS 56507_KF3_X_12.ZIP
  • Download Construction files: DXF 56502_DXF_X_A.ZIP
  • Download Construction files: P8 56507_P8_2_50.ZIP
  • Download Construction files: STP 56502_STP_X_A.ZIP
  • Download Document: Installation guide 56507_INA_6_21.PDF
  • Download Document: User manual 56971_HDB_X_35.ZIP
  • Download Document: User manual 56970_HDB_X_25.ZIP
  • Download Document: User manual 56984_HDB_X_13.ZIP
  • Download Information: Certificate of conformity UKCA 56507_962-04.16_UK_Z_A.PDF
  • Download Information: Diverses CUBE67_STANDARD_EDS_GENERATOR.MSI
  • Download Information: EU declaration of conformity 56507_962-04.16_CE_Z_C.PDF
  • Download Information: MTTF Report 56507_SN29500(40°C)-BERECHNUNGV1.4_MTTF_P_A.PDF
  • Download Software: Configurator 56507_CUBE67_STANDARD_EDS_GENERATOR_TB6_X_10.MSI
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