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Illuminated Emergency-stop pushbutton with 2 positive opening contacts
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Illuminated Emergency-stop pushbutton with 2 positive opening contacts

in a IP65 enclosure
Art.No.: 69043
Weight: 0.195 kg
In production
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E-Stop 72 2NC L M12(8)
with M12 connection
Emergency-Stop button
2 NC (positively-opening)
LED-Ring can be lit
Technical Data
Switching capacity 30 A (AC 15); 2.2 A (DC 13)
LED Light 12...30 V AC/DC typ. 15 mA (24 V AC/DC)
Contact bounce time max. 9 ms
General data
Mech./ elect. life 1 000 000 operations, load-temperature dependent
Lambda (d) 20% (N/C)
Material (contact) Ag Ni
B10d 250 000
Protection IP65
Connection M12 (8-pole)
Mounting method screw fixing
Dimensions H×W×D 103×72×91 mm
Temperature range -25...+60 °C (storage temperature -25...+85 °C)
Contact Layout
PIN 1 N/C 1
PIN 2 N/C 1
PIN 3 N/C 2
PIN 4 N/C 2
PIN 5 n.c.
PIN 6 n.c.
PIN 7 (X2/-)
PIN 8 (X1/+)
Utilization category
AC-15 3 A (250 V AC)
DC-13 2 A (24 V DC)
Components approvals
Contact maker UL, TÜV
Module connection element UL, TÜV
Emergency-Stop button cULus, TÜV, UR (NISD 2)
Housing cULus, Type 4x
Connector UR
Module holder UL, TÜV
Commercial data
country of origin DE
customs tariff number 85365080
EAN 4048879594813
eClass 27371244
Packaging unit 1
Data Regarding Article:
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  • Download Document: Installation guide
  • Download Information: China-RoHS EPUP-20_CHR_x_1.pdf
  • Download Information: EU declaration of conformity 69043_07-10.16_ce_z_b.pdf
  • Download Software: Firmwareupdatetool
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